From:Steve Adams
Date:20-Sep-2000 12:59
Subject:   Current SCN

That is the database checkpoint SCN, not the current SCN.

There is another statement to get the most recent SCN no.

    select discn from x$kccdi;

You can get the SCN of the most recently committed (local) transaction with the following query:

    select max(ktuxescnw * power(2, 32) + ktuxescnb) from x$ktuxe;
This may not be quite the same as the current SCN, because the latter may have advanced a little for various reasons, but for single instance Oracle for the purposes of recovery testing it is equivalent.

How to find out the current SCN value.

The probelm is: I want to try my backup and restore strategy for an incomplete recovery using the CHANGE clause.

recover database until change <scn>.