Oracle Advanced Performance Tuning Scripts


Some of the scripts that we use in our consulting assignments, and when researching Oracle database internals are available for free download here. They are for your information, education and training only. We do not warrant that they are error free, or even that they will work in your environment. So, please do not expect us to support them. In particular, please don't complain about missing X_$ tables. Instead, check out the create_xviews.sql script on the Prerequisite scripts page.

The scripts are mostly simple SQL scripts intended to be run from SQL*Plus, however, some use is also made of PL/SQL, Perl and Unix shell scripts. Unless otherwise stated, all of the scripts have been tested against Oracle8i. Many of them seem to work against Oracle9i too, but they have not all been fully tested yet. Of course, most of the scripts have a performance tuning focus, but there are also a few Oracle database administration scripts for the DBA.

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12-Oct-2007 22:22
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